Monday, 21 February 2011


"Pure heart  is the greatest thing in the world.Don't belive the smiling  face,


believe the smiling  heart, they r very rare in this world just like us".

"Definition of NOTHING"

Time doesn't wait for u or me,
Days pass & years change,
U miss ur loved ones,
U move away from ur close ones,
Ur life changes, Friends change, People change but ur heart has those precious moments engraved in it whether u want it or not.
They are always there, making u happy at sad times & sad at happy times.
U think about those happy days then smile & when somebody asks the reason for ur smile,
U just say..

"Nothing...":-)gm.hv a nice life & keep smiling & enjoy the life with friends.

'Life is like a river. You cannot touch the same watertwice,bcoz the flow that has passed will never pass again.Soenjoy every moments of life

jise dil ki "KALAM" or bharose ki "INK" kehte hai, jise lamho ki "KITAB" or yaado ka "COVER" kehte hai, yahi wo "SUBJECT" hai jise log "FRIENDSHIP" kehte hai.

Sitanro ke bhid me chand jagmagata hai, Bure waqt me hamesha insan ladkhadata hai, Kabhi darna nahi mere dost,Kyun ki kanto ke bhid me gulab muskurata hai.

Frndshp does nt need  powerful eYes,
a cute voice& a lovelY face
It alwaYs needs a responsible heart with lovable afection forevr.

Life is little kamini n v r little kaminas too,
wen v find sum1 whose kaminiyat is matching wid ours,
V fall in2 mutual kaminapan n cal it frndshp..

Feelings r important in our life as they come from heart, if u respond back they grow, if u ignore they die, if u respect they stay forever...

$uperb lines by Challenging Warriors:
"The dreams of a man & The tears of a woman Can do anything in this world."

Gud day Frnds & TC of urself.

Great teacher

LOVER is a   Time eater

Life watcher

Heart catchers!

Dont take life 2 seriously & always find time to laugh warna..
Log apko dekh kr bolenge

"Ghor kalyug hai, Aajkal cartoon bhi tension me rehte hai..!

Friendship is not a Collection Of message
But it is Selection of Hearts.

All Friends are not True,

But True Friends are Very Few


Fantastic definitions

A place where
papa pays & son plays :-D

Life insurance:
A contract that keeps you poor all your life so that you can die rich ;-)

its an agreement in which a man looses his bachelors degree and a women gains her masters ;-)

A place where success comes before work :-)

A person who kills ur ills by pills, n kills U by bills. 

A curve dat can set a lot of things straight....
Gd mrng.

Life is little kamini n v r little kaminas too,
wen v find sum1 whose kaminiyat is matching wid ours,
V fall in2 mutual kaminapan n cal it frndshp..

In lyf:
"Dnt trust d people who chng thr feelings wid time, instead Trust d people whose feelings remain same whn ur times chng." Good day enjoy sunday.

Smiles r like birds that fly from face 2 face.. May ur lips give them a better NEST..  So that they can live there forever..  So KEEP SMILING always. hv a sweet gd n8.

“P R A Y E R”
Is The Best Antivirus
Of World Which
Protects Windows Of
Our Life From Fatal
…Viruses Of Sorrow,
Gloom, Sin &
So Update Your Antivirus

Gud Morning
Stay Blessed :-)

A morning is a wonderful blessing, Either stormy or sunny, it stands for hope. Giving us another start of what we call LIFE.
Good Morning...
Hv a Nice Day.

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